Ashen Vol-Trayor

Wizard of Unstable Magic


High Concept: Scarred Wizard of Unstable Magic
Trouble: Ashamed of magic-scarred flesh
Aspect 1: The world is a cruel and wicked place

Careful: +2
Clever: +3
Flashy: +0
Forceful: +2
Quick: +1
Sneaky: +1

Because I see the world as cruel and wicked it is easier for me to see through subversion and find alternate ways to solve problems. I get a +2 bonus to clever approaches to solving problems and seeing through lies.

Because I have spent so much time perfecting the subtleties of my illusory facade, my skill with the unstable magic has increased and once per session I can ignore a stress hit or consequence


Ashen is a wizard that was trained in a very unstable and experimental variety of magic. He was a promising young student until an accident with his instructor Kai Ma Von left him scarred over most of the right side of his body. If people see the scarring they are either afraid or cruel; therefore, he maintains an illusion to keep the scar hidden. Unfortunately when his concentration is broken or his magic is directed elsewhere the illusion falters. Despite this, the magic that is now imbued in his flesh makes him quite powerful, yet he only uses magic in the most dire of circumstances. Unlike other wizards dealing with more stable forms of magic, Ashen actively avoids using magic if possible. He is seeking out a cure for the magical scar, and hopes to one day rid himself of the scar.

Ashen Vol-Trayor

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