Mila Baequimitore

Fallen Paladin of House Feranis


High Concept: Fallen Paladin
Trouble: Quick temper; quick wit
Aspect 1: Sword at my side, smirk on my lips
Aspect 2: Justice through Revenge

Careful: +1
Clever: +2
Flashy: +1
Forceful: +3
Quick: +2
Sneaky: +0

Because I never go anywhere without my sword, I’m not easily intimidated by those who try to outmatch me in combat. I get +2 to forceful the first Forceful attack against an opponent that attacked me previously.

Because I spent a significant amount of time studying and training to become a Paladin, despite my current situation, I am able to occasionally call upon the powers of the Light to heal. Once per session, I can use what remains of my Paladin lifestyle to remove 2 stress boxes or a minor consequence from myself or an ally.


Mila’s mother, a human maiden who found work in crafting fine dresses for the High-Elves, and her ‘father’; a human Paladin who was away from home most of the time, fufilling his duties to Morandis and Keira whom he held with high regard, made the choices that forced Mila to be who she is today.

Five years before Emperor Sessanne XI broke the Human-Elf alliance, Mila’s mother caught the eye of a sly High-Elf and soon after, when her husband was away, the High-Elf would come to play. Less than a year after their tryst started, Mila was born and placed in the excited arms of her human father, but much to his dismay, the pointed ears quickly gave away her mother’s secret.

Distraught and enraged, her father confronted the High-Elf which lead to a heated fight and resulted in the death of both. Though she was heartbroken having lost her lover and husband in one short moment, Mila’s mother remained with the Elves until all non-elves were banished just a few years later. Mila’s mother knew that there would be even more hardships for her outside of the Enclave, especially being a half-breed, so she left Mila with a trusted High-Elf woman who had always wished for a child- knowing she would keep the secret that Mila was not a full Elf. Mila would find out years later that her mother committed suicide shortly after being banished, the guilt and loneliness being too much for her to overcome without Mila to care for.

Eventually Mila was told the truth of her origin and in her conflicted emotions, she left the Enclave, judging all Elves as manipulative and deceitful as her biological father had been. In honor of her the man who was to be her true father, she trained as a Paladin but it wasn’t long after her full commitment that she began to see hypocrisy in the teachings and made the decision to follow Polvec which lead to her swift banishment from the Paladin path.

Mila’s first name was given to her by her human father in honor of his love of music. Her last name, Baequimitore, was given to her by her mother after both fathers perished. In Elven, it means Blessed by the Moon, as she was born on one of the rare nights when a Blood Moon was present. Her mother attributed Mila’s crimson locks to the Blood Moon, despite the fact that her Elven father shared the same color, just as she shared his soft Hazel eyes. In fact, if one didn’t know better, Mila could be taken for a full blood elf, as her long legs and strong shoulders resembled most elves. The only attribute she received from her mother and what set her apart from the rest was her height and petite frame. At a mere 5’4”, Mila was more than short in Elven standards. That doesn’t stop her from wielding a heavy bastard sword, something which took her years to develop enough muscle mass to use properly and efficiently.

When Mila was left with the Elves, her new ‘mother’ brought her into the House Feranis. When Mila left, her Elven mother kept in constant contact with her, until she found out she had begun to follow Polvec. The last letter Mila received from her had two sentences on the long parchment. ‘Lle holma ve’ edan. Amin feuya ten’ lle.’ (You are a human now. You disgust me.)

Now at a mere one-hundred and twenty-six years old, she wanders alone, still with conflicted emotions and a lack of tack when it comes to approaching things with any sense of calmness and rationality. She employees a strong lust for revenge against those whom she judges to be dishonest and unwilling to accept change- the same people who she blames for the life she leads now.

Mila Baequimitore

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