Walgrin Herdaius XIV "Wall"

Emperor of Another World


High Concept: The Ultimate Hero of someone else’s world
Trouble: Unknowing of the World he finds himself in.
Aspect 1: I’ve done this before

Careful: +0
Clever: +1
Flashy: +3
Forceful: +2
Quick: +2
Sneaky: +1

Because Walgrin “has done this before” he has done most everything on the grandest scale possible. Once per encounter Walgrin gets a +2 on a Flashy attack in an outlandish combat situation, as only the mundane is alien to Walgrin.

Because Walgrin is the Hero of Another World, Walgrin’s old world occasionally calls him back to its safety, causing him to flicker between realms. Once per session he may treat one successful hit as if it was a miss.


Once upon a time, Walgrin Herdaius was the ruler of his realm. He’d seen it all and done it all in his journey from lowly squire to King of the known realm. He’d free’d the slave nation of Mergind from their Sorcerer rulers. He was the first mortal to be allowed onto the High Magisters Council of Dragons. He slayed the World-Eater of the Darkest Depths and reignited the pyre of life, and was the first new immortal in ten thousand years, and the last in his time. Under his rule the world flourished and grew…. Until one day something tore Walgrin from his home and throne, and placed him into a new and unknown world where his abilities no longer seemed to function properly. Infusing his blade seemed nonfunctional, his orbiting sensor array seemed to only be giving him static, his armor had weight to it. Everything was off. His Godrealm Overseeing, his Draconic Conscious Awareness. He could even feel his heart beat for the first time in tens of thousands of years. In fact? Everyone seems to think him crazy for mentioning his old Kingdom or why no one seems to know him at all. This makes the world a very confusing place for the former-king as he tries to find his way home. Some people think he’s a King though, mainly because he ain’t got shit all over him.

Walgrin stands proud at nearly seven feet tall, his slightly pointed ears merely a sign of his expanded nature beyond human in his old realm, here they just seem as strange for a human as his golden hair and eyes. His blue and gold armor, while beyond ornate, hold no more power here than their former Godking, and the same goes to the seemingly crystal sword the man wields. While once powerful beyond measure, its travel to this world seems to have cut it off from its power. Walgrin is a stranger in a strange land, as nothing he see’s seems to make proper sense to the poor man. Animals are confusing to him, the need to eat them stranger still. Let’s not even get started on the concept of “travel” The Emperor had minions with minions who planned his teleports. No need to “travel” anywhere with any amount of urgency, how was he to know that a day was coming where “His two feet” would carry him from town to town?

Walgrin Herdaius XIV "Wall"

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