Emperors of the Sessanne Empire

In the First Sessanne Empire, anyone who took the throne took on the literal name of the empire.

Sessanne I, the Builder (523-530)
Formed the Empire out of the various now-human clans, died in battle

Sessanne II (530-542)
Son of Sessanne I, died in battle

Sessanne III, the Conquerer (543-554)
Son of Sessanne II, Defeated the Grim Armies, died mysteriously at court

Sessanne IV, the Elder (555-581)
Brother of Sessanne III, slain by orcs while traveling

Sessanne V, Orcsbane (581-613)
Son of Sessanne IV, Led campaigns against Orc bands throughout the Empire

Sessanne VI (613-641)
Son of Sessanne V

Sessanne VII, the Sad (641-679)
Son of Sessanne VII, 2 stillborn sons, 1 died in infancy

Sessanne VIII (679-707)
Nephew of Sessanne VII, challenged numerous times for the throne

Sessanne IX, the Benevolent (707-759)
Son of Sessanne VIII, ruled without major incident, led the Empire to it’s highest prosperity

Sessanne X, (759-771)
Grandson of Sessanne IX, took throne at 11 years old, died mysteriously

Sessanne XI, Oathbreaker (771-784)
Brother of Sessanne X, broke Human-Elf Alliance, killed in battle

Sessanne XII, the Ghost (784-786)
Son of Sessanne XI, sickly from birth, never seen outside castle

Sessanne XIII (786-801)
Nephew of Sessanne XII, died in battle

Sessanne XIV (801-838)
__Son of Sessanne XIII_

Sessanne XV (838-840)
Nephew of Sessanne XIV, Died without issue

Vacant (840-861)
The Great Schism War divides the Empire

The Second Sessanne Empire was founded in 861, after 9 of the 14 human claims were defeated.

Cirrac (861-867)
Founder of the Second Sessanne Empire

Darius (868-874)
Son of Cirrac

Cirrac II (875-884)
Son of Darius

Vorus (884-present)
Son of Cirrac II

Emperors of the Sessanne Empire

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