The Consuming

The Consuming is the method by which Mori was formed.

The Legend of the Consuming

In the beginning, there was only the essence. The essence swirled and moved but never more, until one day a creature became aware of his own existence. He called himself Tengi, and he reveled in watching the patterns of the essence swirl and move. As Tengi watched the essence, he was joined by two more. Moriandis and Polvec he named them, and they sat to watch the essence together.

The three brothers stood and watched the essence flow around them, but Polvec grew bored and wished to find something else to do. Moriandis implored him to stay, watch the essence, and be silent. Polvec, is a rage lashed out violently at Moriandis, and as Tengi moved to calm his brother, Polvec’s wrath consumed him.

Tengi’s form exploded into thousand of pieces, all imbued with his awareness and his life essence. As the pieces settled, they became Mori, the seat of all iife.

So ends the tale of the Consuming.

The Consuming

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