The Pantheon of Gods

In the Pantheon of Mori, there are two distinct categories of gods: The Three Brothers and the Ascendants.

The Three Brothers

The Three Brothers are the original creation of Mori, spontaneously rising from the essence.

Morandis, the ever-watchful (Order, Death)

It is said that Morandis watches over the land of Mori, to ensure that Polvec’s wild nature does no more damage to his brother’s essence. Morandis is also considered the God of Death, waiting for those who’s time is ended, to take them back to the essence.

Polvec, the vengeful (Chaos, Sun)

Polvec is constantly moving over Mori, his chaotic nature burning brightly overhead. Followers of Polvec believe that life can not be truly understood, and that change, being the only true constant, is not to be feared, and in fact should be encouraged.

Tengi, the broken (Earth, Plant, Animal)

The essence of Tengi permeates through everything this is and was. Tengi is rarely worshipped directly, though there are cadres of druids and shamans that do so.

The Ascendants

The Ascendants are beings who, upon their death, retained their individuality and now reside in the Sea of Essence. Priests and scholars agree on 10 such beings:

Keira, the Steadfast, Consort of Morandis (Protection, Community)

In life: Human paladin of Morandis. Sacrificed herself to allow the safe evacuation of her home city.

Rial, the Healing Wind (Healing, Air)

In life: Human cleric and itinerant healer.

Neron, the Unyielding Flame (Destruction, Fire)

In life: General of the Human armies. Legend holds that he once set fire to a city to destroy an orcish warband.

Jax, the Indomitable (Strength, Glory)

In life: Dwarven warrior. Leader of the Dwarves into exile. Legend tells that Jax defeated the Giant-King at a contest of strength, leading to the alliance between Giant and Dwarf.

Trian, the Patient (Water, Knowledge)

In life: Elven mage. Said to have had a hand in the magic that created the fey and breathed essence into the humans.

Vortus, the Unstoppable (War, Glory)

In life: Orcish warchief, first to band the Orcish tribes together to fight the Dwarves during the Great War.

Brin, the Songsmith (Trickery, Charm)

In life: Gnomish minstrel, said to have once sung a song so beautiful, the Elven High Priestess married him sight unseen.

Xargo, the Wanderer (Travel, Luck)

In life: Human merchant – said to have been present at a number of different decisive battles of the Great War.

Lianna, the Weeping (Love, Madness)

In life: Human mage. Upon death of her husband in battle, Lianna is said to have made her way to the battlements and destroyed the opposing armies, only to wander away and never be seen again.

Witt, the Clever (Magic, Artifice)

In life: One of the first Human mages. Believed to have discovered countering magic which directly led to the Human defeat of the Grim armies.

Other Worshipped Entities

Aside from the widely recognized, there are occasionally groups that will worship a local hero, or venerate an ancestor in the hopes that perhaps they have become ascendant. These are relatively rare, and usually done in combination with the established deities above.

The Pantheon of Gods

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